Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Stop me when I start to sound like I'm quite taken...

So we all journeyed... okay, fine, not ALL, but andrea, jessie, and I, all journeyed to Portland to go to stanieldaniel's apartment for din din. Great fun. I shall have to tell you our adventures with an exercise ball, pushups, and gonorrhea. Hilarity ensued, to be certain, and methinks that I pulled something in my right arm and now have a rug burn on my chin.

Remind me to tell you those stories tomorrow.

Anyhoo, during our drive home, while we're listening to my mp3 player spout out various songs by Jellyfish, Jale, and Marvy 3, brosely states that he wants to be Beast Boy for Halloween, and that Daniel should be Robin. We begin to argue the point, as Daniel is approximately 8 feet tall, give or take a yard or two, so he would OBVIOUSLY make a better Cyborg. Or mebbe it was Raven. Hard to tell, the music was too loud. But faetal said that I should OBVIOUSLY be Raven, because I'm the dark, bitchy one. Well, dark, anyway. And faetal would be the obvious choice for a Starfire, as she has much longer hair and squeaks when she talks excitedly, which happens pretty often. But who would be Robin? Well, Joel, of course....

Now, just to convince him to put on some tights.

So, when we get home, I look up some pics to see what exactly it is I would have to wear. Huh. Turns out long black sleeves and a... is that a LEOTARD?!? But I would get a cape with a fantastic cowl. I've always wanted a cape with a fantastic cowl, and an opportunity to wear it.

Now, to overcome my fear of sewing machines...

for now? it's off to bed, i've had about 2 hours sleep total, and not in succession, over the last 24 hours, so i'm battier than usual.


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