Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

So I promised you all that I would tell the fantastic story about last night with the exercise ball.

We arrive to the apartment, and get a mini tour. In Daniel's bedroom, there was a big, blue exercise ball. Andrea asked what it was for or why he had it or something, I dunno, I walked in at the hind end of the conversation. All I hear is..

Daniel: I got it when I was going through physical therapy after my car accident.
Andrea: You got it when you got gonorrhea? I'm sorry, that's all I heard.
Daniel: Yes. The big blue ball helps gonorrhea TREMENDOUSLY.

Other quotes from the evening, and I'm sure you would have to be there for it to have been funny, but...

Jessie: *making pecan pie* I just sprinkle them on top, right?
Andrea: no, you mix them in, they float to the top.
Jessie: they... do? Are you sure?
Andrea: yes, because they're LESSSSS DENNNNSE!
Jessie: *pause* Are you calling me STUPID?

Andrea: Can I have a glass of *gestures wildly at cupboard* glass?
*everyone giggles*
Andrea: Yes. Full of just shards, thank you.

There were others that I can't think of atm, Jess just called from The Arnada and is coming to pick me up.... he PLANS on throwing me on stage, but I told him I wouldn't go... I've played my guitar maybe like a MONTH ago, and I'm not about to start practicing in front of a freaking FULL BAR. Mebbe next week.

Anyhoo. The prize moment of the evening last night... Andrea was dinking on the exercise ball and trying to figure out how to use it. She said "I need to pee!" I replied "good, get out of the way, let me show you how it's done..."

I promptly threw myself down onto the ball and walked forward until my legs were fully extended to it... attempted to do a push up... and my arms immediately turned to wet noodles. I fell face first on the floor and skidded forward on the carpet, my legs akimbo and flailing as I tried to get up. I finally gave up and lay face first on the carpet, laughing so hard that I practically choked on my tears as Andrea tried to remove the ball from under and between my legs - but it was stuck. So Andrea had to get OVER me, she just said, trying to get over me without peeing on me, she was laughing so hard.

And Jessie had his back turned for the whole thing, only to turn around and see me on the carpet, legs at crazy angles, and me crying.

I think I have a rug burn on my chin, and I pulled a muscle in my right arm.

Go me.

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