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Dreams and Unfriending

i've been a recluse online lately. it happens off an on with me, so deal with it. okay, so that sounds a tad harsh, I know. I guess I'm just sick of people dropping me off their friends list... I wouldn't mind the dropping so much, but eGADS, do you have to post my name in your journal saying that I'm a deadbeat that never reads your journal or responds, and thusly am a horrid friend to have?

And it happens all the freaking time.

Yes, it takes me forever to respond to something. No, I don't always get a chance to dwell on every single word. Yet I care about a lot of you, feel a bond with quite a few.

Whenever I post in the add friends type journal, I post a disclaimer that I don't always get around to commenting. I post that if you're looking for someone that will avidly read your every. single. word. and post every. single. time., that I'm not the friend for you. In reverse, I don't expect you to post to every. single. post. of mine, because I don't always say anything that's interesting, and I guess I would rather have comments that SAID something, instead of just 'Yeah.'

So, I spose that with that respect, if you don't want me on your friends list, if you have just been keeping me around to avoid from hurting my feelings, go ahead and remove me, no questions asked. I understand that everyone doesn't automatically click with everyone else.

Go ahead. Remove me.

You know you wanna.

In the meantime? I'll drink more coffee and go to work.


Dreams that I woke up and was in Australia. Not only was III in Australia, but also all of my coworkers. We were working out of a big house, but stopped to watch the wildlife meander through our back door.

me: "it was a gigantic wild boar!"
yancey: "all i see is a shadow."
don: "did you see the cow? it looks like a steer!"
roxana: "I hear there's lots of snakes."
me: "I don't want to see their spiders!"

we ended up going on a mini safari type thing, which means we left the house to follow the boar... suddenly, we were all little kids in the 50's. we stopped by a wayward house because it was getting dark and we didn't want to be caught outside. the lady there took us in, but was rude, as we had no substantial amount of money to give her in return, although the sign outside said to give what you could. so we piled up our buttons, pennies, pocket lint, frogs, salamanders, and other random stuff to give to her, which meant the world to us, but what she found worthless.

anyhoo. i feel like i just woke up, yet i'm out to work. meh.

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