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they just HAD to turn it into a shooting game, didn't they!

*heavy sigh*

i may still buy it, because of my insane crush for men that have a dark, brooding past, who also happen to sleep in coffins.

other things going on, you ask? i finally succeeded in repiercing my ears. my left one is quite complacent, and is just sitting there. my right one is still very angry and throwing random tantrums of blood and pus. i used several people's advice and went and bought very special repiercing studs, mainly 24k coated, with some sort of super hypo allergenic surgical stuff used by doctors (not cocktors like i originally typed. "used by all porn stars this side of the Mississip!!").

work tried to call me in today, but i refused, so i could help stanieldaniel move as promised. i remember how many people dropped out on helping me, and i won't do the same to someone else.

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