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odd dreams last night of walking around in nuclear winter. I had lived on an island that was Portland, and the government had wanted to get rid of a certain type of people, but couldn't think of a convenient way to do it, so they let off a small nuclear bomb a few feet off of the ground to irradicate mainly them, and to condemn the rest of us who so happened to be there. so they set off the bomb, and stood vigilant around the island and shot anyone who tried to swim to the mainland.

i remember wanting to hide inside, but knew that since i was in a condemned restaurant (i remember how vivid the chipped red paint was on the inside walls), that i wouldn't be safe from the radiation, so i got up and left, holding a dirty napkin over my face to prevent from inhaling the chunks of "snow" (for some reason, in my dream, the "snow" falling from the sky was more like volcanic ash than the nuclear winter... stuff....). It was an odd, solemn scene. not really many people outside, and those that were, were going about their daily routines. It was dark but not cold. I walked gradually down a hill and stopped in a store, where a vietnamese woman was working behind the counter, and was despondant because everyone would come in and take things and run. I grabbed what I needed (canned goods) and paid her, offering her a sympathetic smile. What did it matter? We were all going to die, anyway. It was only a matter of time before we all got radiation sickness, lost our hair and teeth, and died.

I continued on my path down the hill.

There was a small scene involving Mr. Miagi and some guy driving a hot rod. He was a very cocky guy, and was the only one left with a working car, but I knew that he and I would hook up sometime later. I remember Bad Guys pounding on the door, and having to decide to hide or flee, so that they wouldn't catch me.

For some reason, I was now the leader of the resistance movement, though I had never asked to be, nor wanted the responsibily. But people would follow me and my ideals, so...

I remember that it jumped forward in time a bit, and I had been in a huddle with my newfound friends, fantastic people with fascinating pasts that were drastically different from each other. I looked around at everyone and felt love for them, and an oddness that if we hadn't been bombed, that we never would have talked to each other.

Finally, the leader of the government military (who was Roger Daltrey. heh.) said that he would allow everyone to cross to the mainland. My dearest female confidant went first. I went second, but then realized that my actions as the resistance leader had condemned so many other people and that I had to go back to try to save them, or to suffer the same consequences should I fail. (I had initially crossed while hiding my identity... i had stolen someone's dog tags or something or rather...)

The dream ended as I raced up the stairs to draw the fire of the military off of everyone else so that they could escape. At this point, the dream started to "fall apart", meaning that the military personnel turned into elderly men... my surroundings turned into a rest home, and my gun turned into my fingers as i would point at them, they would play dead, and fall off of the table they were all walking on...

which i guess means that i was waking up slowly ;)

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