Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

This is odd.

Okay, so my period is over and done with, the red river valley stopped flowing, aunt flo (yanno, the one with the red hair?) packed her bags and left with promises to visit me again in a few weeks.

so.... why have i NOW put on water weight gain? why am i bloated AFTER the fact? not to mention that i'm irrationally emotional. a random episode of Roswell had me on the verge of tears yesterday, and just now, i almost cried watching a freaking skid row video. and it wasn't even the REALLY sad one!

and now they're playing Poison's "unskinny bop". my, how i love vh1 classic. makes me want to pop in the ol' headbangers ball tapes. *wistful sigh* i HAVE really been wanting to dig up an old Southgang video so that I could giggle my arse off at Butch Walker.


seems so surreal. in order to see them live before, i had to travel to one of the coasts (washington d.c. in april of 99, l.a. in october of 99...) in order to see them, because they're allergic to arizona (or fear arrestation from an old dui of patrick's back on the smeared tour. sillies.)

makes me very happy to know that they liked my article for FlavAZ and are highly anticipating another article. Hopefully it just gets easier from here...

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