Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

She was underwhelmed, if that's a word. I know it's not, cuz I looked it up.

That's one of those skills that I learned in my school.
I was overwhelmed and I'm sure of that one
Cuz I learned it back in grade school...

... when I was young.

Hrm, posty posty posty, what should I posty?

*** Well, firstly that lj is being stubborn to me lately: it will let me read, but I keep getting error readings when I go to reply. *snort*

*** Still reading the second Elbryan book by R. A. Salvatore. Almost done, though.

*** Really need to do the write up on the Sloan/Minus Five concert before it slips from my brain for the magazine, though I haven't decided which I should do: the concert review, or a review of A Side Wins. Decisions, Decisions.

*** Still want to go to the Ezra show on Wednesday, but my enthusiasm is starting to putter out. My massive desire to go is slowly being eaten alive by my overwhelming apathy. Plus, I'm now working til 6.

*** Nature is on my hatred side today. I was woken up at a bit before 7 am by the neighbors hammering something, but it wasn't really HAMMERING, more like an incessant tapping. I was about to get up and go to my closet wall and pound crazily back (hee hee, as if I'm actually agressive enough to do that...), when the tappy tapping switched sides and was suddenly coming from the OTHER neighbor. Freaking woodpeckers. I tried to go back to sleep during the whole thing, mumbling about someone buying that pecker a watch and reminding him of zoning laws.

*** my cat is insane.

*** I need to play my guitar and practice and all of that, too. Somehow, my voice sounds like a chainsaw this morning, randomly. Don't think much singing will come out of THIS throat.

*** I got to watch part of the documentary part of the Sloan dvd yesterday, where they, "today", sit and recount all of their videos and what it was like to make them, and different aspects they used, etc. My least favorite video of theirs has always been "Everything You've Done Wrong". Seems like that's their least fave, too. I chuckled heartily as they recounted how they had went with a different director.. for SOME reason.. and how much they hated him, and how Patrick hated how he looked in the video and ran right out and got his hair cut the next day. How part of the fun of making "Good in Everyone" was the fact that they were back together after the breakup *winkwink*... After seeing every Sloan video ever created, my two fave are "Lines You Amend" (still), and "Losing California."

shutting up now.

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