Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

random Aubrey factoid for the day...

I can't remember if I've told you all this yet or not, I know that after I had finally made it to Washington, that I had made a gigantic post detailing my trip up here, which LJ promptly ate with a side salad.


For my drive up here during my move, I had of course had very little time to pack and go, seeing as the Gigantic Move was a spur of the moment thing, and I had 2 weeks to go through everything I had accumulated in EIGHT YEARS and pick out what I was keeping, what would fit in my Jeep, and what I could toss/donate. The drive from Phoenix to Vancouver found my little Cherokee packed full of everything imaginable. To help carry more things, I had a ton of belongings strapped to the top and roped down with a tarp.

So. I'm chugging through central California, doing a tad over the speed limit, trying to make the best time possible (I had discovered that I was unfortunately suddenly susceptible to motion sickness, and had stopped in L.A. for a last hurrah over Easter weekend with some Phoenix friends on a weekend cruise... no bueno for the equilibrium...). Then I realize that the tarp is making an odd.... flapping noise. In fact, the noise went on for QUITE some time before I really noticed it (loud music and all.. *cough*) perhaps an hour or more?


... FLAPPING?!?!?!? oooh, this could not be good.

So I pull over at a Circle K somewhere on I-5 to check out the situation. Mostly everything is in tact, save for a bag of clothing, DIRTY clothing, which had been torn open. It LOOKS like everything is still there, for the most part... (I hadn't had time to finish my laundry in all of that fast packing stuff...)

It wasn't until I got up to Washington State and started to unpack things that I noticed I was missing a BUNCH of my underwear.

So, to the citizens of California? I am sorry for strewing my dirty undies all over I-5. I sincerely apologize to anyone driving BEHIND me.

The end.

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