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He died as he lived: soiled and splayed

good news: i'm back online at home!

bad news: my aubkabob qwest address was COMPLETELY wiped out, meaning EVERYTHING in it is COMPLETELY irretreivable.

i had welll over 100 unread emails and replies to posts.

so, therefore, if any of you emailed me anything over the last, i dunno, MONTH, please re-email it to aubkabob@qwest.net.

even better news: matt sold me megabites (or whatever unit they come in) of RAM, so now i have 162 total, compared to the 31 i had before! i can multitask!

but the virus had wiped out EVERYTHING on my computer, with relations to windows so we had to reinstall EVERYTHING. thankfully, stuff in my documents was spared, i.e. every constructive thing i've written.

the virus also ruined my sound card somehow, so my puter is silenced until further notice *sadness*

thank you.

have a splendid evening.
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