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i need someone to take away the blue...

i was surprised that no one commented on my post yesterday including the fact that Kelsey Freaking Grammer, Dr. Frasier, is going to be Dr. Hank McCoy (Beast) in x-men 3? unless you little sneakies had already known, and hadn't told me?!?

also, odd dreams last night of Seth MacFarland being my daddy. Well, he wasn't really my daddy, we were uh.. dating or something, but he wanted to treat me as if he were my daddy, overprotective and such. i remember i was hanging out with him because i thought he was cool, and he WAS Seth MacFarland, afterall, but that his personality weirded me out. and i remember my friend joe calling saying he was bringing in a desk that was on clearance for $5, and i told him i desperately wanted it, but he accidentally set it down so someone else grabbed it. arguments with my manager ensued because i so wanted that desk. (well, it wasn't REALLY a desk, more of an addition to a desk, but in my dream everyone called it a desk.)

so so very much needs to get done today. i desperately need to get my motivation from... somewhere. time is running out for me, you would think that would be motivation enough.

i thought i had something a bit more entertaining to tell you, but i can't think of it.

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