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Chef Aubrey.

it's never been a secret that my cooking... well, let's just say that my quality of cooking generally makes people scramble for take out.

note to self: never, in the middle of cooking something time sensitive, EVER decide to make a phone call for a maintenance request.


anyhoo. as i'm frying up some zuchini, yellow squash, and celery for an omelet, i call to get our kitchen light replaced, as it's been out for awhile, and we've been doing everything in the dark, or pseudo dark. i figured i could at least get the ball rolling on THAT while i'm home today. as i'm talking to the new apartment complex manager, i start talking about our stove that smokes so badly that our smoke detectors go off when we even just boil water, and how our unfrost free freezer is now leaking all over inside of our fridge, and how it's falling apart. As we finally end the conversation a few moments later, i notice there's smoke.

LOTS of smoke.

i go into the kitchen (because of it smoking, we have to turn on the VERY noisy fan above the stove whenever we cook something, which is why i wasn't talking in THERE), and the burner is BRIGHT RED.

hrm. apparantly, in THIS universe, when you turn the dial to "HIGH", it does not equal "OFF".

funny how that works.

i was able to salvage about half of the zucchini, most of the squash, and none of the celery, so i refried some new celery and broccoli, threw it all together and tossed a couple of eggs in.

mmm. i love crunch in my omelet. yay, eggshells.

i need to marry me a chef.


in yet OTHER news, methinks the kitchen light can stay out another day or so, because i'm SO not walking to the office in... *waves arms towards livingroom window* THAT. i may melt, yanno.

its days like today that i so wish that we had a balcony. it's perfect reflection weather: the wind on your cheek, the sound of the storm, the smell of the rain... *wistful sigh* maybe i'll go make room on the dining room floor so i can lay there and watch it out the back door.

after i finish my fine cuisine.

EDIT: wasn't enough room with all of the exercise equipment in the dining room to sprawl on the floor, but i sat there for awhile. it was beautiful and quite peaceful, and something i spiritually needed...

... until the cat climbed a chair and kept batting at my head.

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