Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Picture Montage #1

Well, now that I have in my possession all of my Pictures of Old, I should be making some more of these soon.

In cleaning off my desk, something i haven't done in QUITE some time *cough*, i came across a handful of quite RANDOM pictures that i figured i would post for your viewing pleasure.

Acoustic Ezra

for those of you that remember YEARS ago when i skipped work and played i had a flat tire, here's a pic of the acoustic Better Than Ezra show that I went to during my extended lunch.
Acoustic Ezra

Aubrey and Joe

A picture of myself and Good Friend Joe (the one with the magazine).. methinks this was geezh... back in '02? maybe before that - it has my old glasses!
Aubrey and Joe

Christmas at ICE

The last Christmas party I ever had while working at I.C.E. Gallery. I'm in the bottom row, second from the right. Yes, my hair is in ponytails, and yes, I'm wearing antlers. Notice how pretty it is outside? One thing I miss from Phoenix - the winters.
Christmas at ICE

Nerd and Ski Bunny

this was when i came to visit in feb of 2002. i showed up to a party i was too tired to attend, and Greg tossed me a blonde wig and ski goggles, and pictures ensued. This is my brother and I, he has my glasses on. Andrea later printed this and framed it for a mother's gift for our mom.
Nerd and Ski Bunny


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