Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Photo Montage #3

Since i'm having fun posting old pics, i figured i would post the ones i scanned some time ago for a little timeline...

Aubrey age 6, Jessie age >1

A picture of myself, age 6, and jess, well... probably a bit before he was a year. 9 mo, mayhaps? we lived in Bennett, Iowa, a population 200 town. The weekend we moved here, I saw someone flip someone off the first time, and asked them what it meant. because they hadn't wanted to teach me this, they said it meant "i love you very much." so... fast forward to a few days later, aubrey at 6 years old flipping off every single car that drove by our house. hey, i wanted to show my love for our brand new neighbors in this tiny town! mom had heart failure and loves to tell this story to EVERYONE that will listen to this day.
Aubrey age 6, Jessie age >1

Age 15.. approx 1990?

Yesh. I spent the majority of my teenage years with permed COPPER hair. no wonder it's so fried. aqua net was my friend. i remember how disappointed my mother was because i showed up to get professional pics done with chipped black nail polish. amazing that this is what i looked like 1/2 of my lifetime ago, before i believed in make up.
Age 15.. approx 1990?

Rawker Aubs! Age 16 or 17..

As you know, it was my plan to become a rock star when i grew up. Here's my bass that i had purchased with my very own money and that led me to meeting the First Love of my Life, Chad. I'm also the thinnest I think i've ever been in my 'adult' life here, maybe 155? I think i look skeletal. and i secretly miss the hair. apparantly, i had removed my boobs for this pic.
Rawker Aubs! Age 16 or 17..

From Rocker to...Academic Olympics? Age 18
From Rocker to...Academic Olympics? Age 18

So this is how i looked when i was no longer jailbait and had given perms and copper hair up for au natural + burgundy! ^_^ i was in job corps and was the Language Arts representative for my team in the olympics. Sylvester's son (what's his name? Junior?) was our mascot for the trip. We scored 2nd place and missed a trip to washington d.c. by one point, higher than our center had ever done. (little did i know at this time that a bit more than a year later, i would be living right outside of d.c., anyway...) And my index finger sitting at the grotesque angle will display my double jointedness in my fingers. hee hee.

Age 20! Gothilicious!

aah yes, to be so pale and live in arizona simultaneously! during my pseudo gothy phase, i suppose.
Age 20!  Gothilicious!

pictures are fuuuuun.

i so don't wanna go to work today, i feel like guk. or is it gak? bleck, fer sher.

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