Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

call me ms. otto von schnitzelpuscrankengenshentmeier.

because that freaking schnitzelbank song went through my head ALL FREAKING DAY.

why, you ask? because whenever i find something really odd and out of place that i've never seen before and don't know what to do with it, i automatically say out loud - regardless if there's anyone to hear me or not - "was ist das?" like a crazed German "VASEESTDAHSSS?!?" i can't remember what in the world had caused me to exlaim this toda... YESIDO! it was a large, flat, empty box randomly leaning against one of my aisles. I immediately figured out that it was to hold poster board, so I responded to myself "ist das nicht ein posterboard box?" As i begun to drag the box towards the compactor in the back, my mind instantly says "ist das nicht ein piece of bread? does it fit in wakko's head?" grah. especially the "ist das nicht ein otto vonschnitzelpuscrakengashentmeir? ist das nicht ein incrediblylongnametohavetotryandsay?" part.


don't feel like working tomorrow, but it's a dinky 5 hour shift. then tuesday is MIIIIIINE.

Discovered The Sims. egads, that's a whole lotta addiction of NOTHING. *twitch*

jess calls me at 730 this morning, which would have normally equaled INSTANT death, except my alarm had coincidentally gone off seriously 2 min before. I smacked the sleeper alarm, and had ALMOST made it back to sleep when it rang. "i'm locked out of my house, can i come over?"

quite convenient we live one apartment complex over.

i need to go see star wars. spose i need money first.

but in the meantime, methinks i'll sit here and be pms'ey and NOT cry at extreme makeover: home edition and eat pms pills and go to bed early.

since i seem to be working a lot of mid shifts now that betty isn't working there (which i'm still trying to mentally work out in my mind, as betty worked mornings.), it seems that i need to actually be a proactive nerd and go out and buy these silly things. not really. i haven't bought a single series on dvd, and i suppose i'm not about to start now.

other than that? yeah. i'm feeling a tad antisocial online. sorry.

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