Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Common Aubreyisms

- Was ist das?
- The This (as in "hand me the this" or "would you like a bag for the this?")
- Mlurg.
- Looks aren't everything! (generally only said in response to "you're funny.")
- HEE. (for many comments which strike me as funny, but apparantly not funny enough to full out laugh at.)
- HRM.... HRRRRMMMMM... (when i'm thinking, of course.)
- adding '-ness' at the end of words ("you and your sleeping-ness." "me and my not getting there-ness." or "let me wash the sweat pea-ness off my hands.")
- *exaggerated dork laugh*
- *shyly* So-and-so just touched my butt. (said to anyone else who is standing nearby when a coworker walks or reaches past me and accidentally brushes anywhere in the vicinity of my heiny. generally results in the brusher stuttering apologies to the brushee.)

i also:
- feel the burning need to inform someone when i burped and tasted something.
- have ZERO qualms about talking about biological functions. hell. we all do it. yanno... IT.
- frequently burst into song, especially at work. this may or may not be accompanied by coordinated dance. sometimes, the music is only in my head, but the dancing is out loud. this happens about half the time when i'm in conversation with someone.
- live for the bad pun.
- desperately wish i could get out of saying "so" and "like" so freaking much. "so. i SO couldn't get up this morning, i was like CONKED out. so i lay in bed and the music kept, like, incorporating itself into my dreams. and i was like 'woah!' and i called my mother and was like 'yeah, i'll see what i can do' and she was like 'yeah, whatever.'" yeeeeeaaaah. even my dialogues drive me bonkers.

again. don't want to go to work. i never mind it when i'm THERE, it's just the whole EFFORT thing. i mean, truly. i love my coworkers. i have fun at work. i make more than enough to survive on. what more could i want? well, yes, less customers to deal with, but for the most part, i consider myself extremely lucky lately with regards to the overall customers we've been getting. it seems that the jerkfaces are now following through with their promises to never shop there again. i just fervently WISH that people would stop questioning my knowledge on electronics because i'm a freeping GIRL. as long as it doesn't deal with wireless or cell phones (which we don't sell, anyway) i can answer your question. so many times in the last week alone, i've been standing six feet from a male coworker, and a customer will come up, walk RIGHT past me to ask him their question about ... lessay... printers. i LOVE it when in response, the guys say "i don't know. aubrey?" tee hee hee.

we also have a couple of new guys at work, chase and jason. nice boys. i mean, they're full grown and all, but their ages, though i haven't asked them to be certain, i believe brought down the average age of officemax workers considerably. good workers, though. they're also going through the New Guy phase to where when they call for a carryout of furniture, and I show up, they insist on calling someone else with more testosterone. please. if i don't continue moving furniture, the muscles i have built up by doing so will begin to atrophe. if i cannot handle lifting, i will be MOST happy to ask for assistance, and am definitely not afraid or shy to do so (i.e. anytime a chair in a gigantic box needs to be pulled from a top shelf... iiiiiiiii'm not so comfortable lifting things larger than my torso from over my head while balancing on a rickety ladder. nothxkbye.)

in other news? i think i am in love with chocolate soy milk.

grr, and now it's time to go to work, and i conveniently forgot to eat something. well, i did have a stick of celery with peanut butter on it. that is THEE FREAKING LOUDEST thing on earth to eat, so i'm sorry if i woke you with my chompingcrackingsmackingchewing, andrea and joel.

me needs more coffee.

pee ess.. i love this icon. i haven't seen Zim in awhile. i must rectify this soon.

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