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Photo Montage #7

17th birthday

me cutting my guitar cake during my 17th birthday party. the cake says "happy birthday, alix", because that was going to be my stage name. yeesh. alix with an 'i'. part of my plan to be a rawk goddess.
17th birthday
Aubrey and Brandi

another pic of raisin and me. ages... lessay 5 and 3? I'm on the left, of course.
Aubrey and Brandi
School Picture

I think this was the 5th grade. i can't remember if my mother was in the hospital for a tube tying, or if she was away due to [yet another] mental breakdown. Anyhoo, I dressed myself for school pictures, mom is STILL incensed that i had the GALL to mix red and pink. It is also a reminder of the phase i went through where my facial features seemed to grow at disproportionate times, i.e. my nose. I also had a few years where i feel i looked QUITE boyish. eesh.
School Picture

Hee hee. For all you Marvelous 3 and Butch Walker fans, here's what they looked like when they was fab.

Parenting skill #1: my mother used this tactic to prevent me from throwing random temper tantrums as a child: she would take a picture of the tantrum, develop it immediately, and show to all of her friends whenever they would come over and have them laugh at me. This picture was actually framed and hung on the wall in our house for YEEEARS. Yes, humiliation works wonders regarding parenting. Course, Mother also potty trained me by flushing me down the toilet. But that story is for another day.

andrea: i think i like you much better with straight hair.
aubrey: *nods*
andrea: i don't know if your mom did this, i think all mom's do. regarding perms, they tell you that..
together: they're great because they give you VOOOOLLLUME.

yesh. since i was 12, my mother would send me packing down to the hair school every few months with a crisp $20 bill because she said i needed volume. course, i could/should scan a picture of HER hair back in the 'less straight! needs thickness!' days. wow. that hair gave buckwheat a run for his money.

oh, and jess? i found those live Fraidy Cat pictures I was talking about.

and then a random meme...

You Are The Wayfarer Guide
"I'll show you the way."

Your deep insight and quick wisdom never ceases to amaze those around you. You are the guiding light for many of those you know and are not afraid to help anyone else who asks. Not very many acknowledge your tremendous help and effort, but you do not mind that so much. You've seen what is in store for them, and will be there should they need your help. You enjoy people in general, but are very selective of who you let see the real you. Others see you as an enigma of sorts, a mystery that is seemingly ever changing.

Which Classic Story Role Do You Play?
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