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i'm SO rokken with dokken at the moment. it's a secret. please do not tell anyone, or the smurfs may eat me.

my wrist has been BUGGIN lately. for those that may not know/remember/whatever, i had surgery on my right wrist when i was 17 for carpal tunnel, and occasionally will experience issues with it. it's been a long long while since i had any serious pain in my wrist, so i suppose i'm overdue or something. i bought a brace yesterday and let andrea try it on, she felt panicked because of the constraint. i guess after 13 or more years of wearing a brace off and on, i feel it's more of a comfort thing instead of a constraint. i'm EXTREMELY right handed, and it helps to force myself to give it a rest, which is a difficult thing to do. i cannot even brush my teeth with my left hand, let alone do other mundane things such as cook, drink coffee, or wipe my arse. i HAVE oddly developed the capability to write legibly with my left hand, though it looks like it was written by a drunken kindgergartener. (the best kind of kindergarteners, yanno.) i just refuse to wear it to work, when i suppose it would be the most important time to wear it, because i so hate drawing attention to it and having a ton of people ask me what the hell is wrong and having to 'splain it repeatedly. maybe i'll toss it in my purse, just in case. *shrug*

my hair is freaking me out - it's finally getting long enough to be able to feel on my shoulders if i lean my head all the way back. as much as i'll miss having short hair, i so wish it would get out of this awkward stage. all i need now is acne and ill fitting clothes, and i'll be right back to my teenage years. wait. i DO have the ill fitting clothes, though i don't have acne. on my FACE at any rate.



i'm SO kidding. after dealing with acne my entire teenage hood and early adult life, i'm SO happy to report that i'm pimply free.

now to get ready for work. i bought new work pants that actually fit me, but i seem to have lost them already. huh. story of my life, i suppose.

in the meantime, i think that i will try to do something to shake this horrible feeling of BORINGNESS that has been overwhelming me lately. i'm so bored with life. i work. i eat. i sleep. i walk a lot. i drink gallons of water. i rarely go out and DO anything. the fact that i almost never drink anymore has certainly hampered my socialbility as parties seems to be the primary source for socializing still. maybe i'm too old for that.

and i just want a good cuddle. or a spooning! GET THAT FORK AWAY FROM ME. jerks.

and i don't need the fallout
of all the past that's in between us
and i'm not holding on...

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