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yay for decent moods!

worked until 8 last night. at about 15 min until i clocked out, i get a call from faetal:

"want to go out?"
"........ oooouuut? define.... ooout..." (we never really DO anything anymore, we've become homebodies)
"EVERYone goes to Spurs on Thursdays!"
"oh. okay."
"want me to bring you a shirt?"
"well, i'm not planning on picking up any strange men, so as long as being with me dressed in navy and khaki doesn't offend you, that won't be necessary. i promise to be a good little smurf and at least take off my name tag." (which i SO almost forgot to do before we walked in.)

so we went, where the 3 of us (andrea, joel, and i) sat and talked until dispossessed and nitelite showed up, at which point, we sat and talked some more. after a brief cameo by Hannah, we all moved into another room for stand up amateur comedy night.

holy. moly.

okay. imagine, if you will. a very loud karaoke night where the only people that can perform are people who have never had hearing at any point in their life. it was *THAT* painful. person after person got up and told their 'jokes' to the room, nothing of which had any semblance of hilarity at all. some of the punchlines included:

"when george bush gets out of office, he'll shoot himself in the head, and i'll be walking down the street with a bong in my hand!"
"i think about poop all the time. i hate it when it squirts out, and you have to wipe the SIDE of your ass. cuz that's gross."
"i won't be surprised if i come outside one day and find another car butt fucking my car from behind. cuz my car is gay."

there were other gems, but i think that my brain has filed them under 'repress memory'. it seemed like each person would get up there and start off grinning and with a lot of enthusiasm, and then as they would realize that no one was laughing, they would become more and more crass, curse more and more, and try to become more and more shocking with their material, which had people just staring at them blankly (i.e. a girl that resorted to talking about 'fucking children' and sang an ode to it.)

well, i DO give them credit for being brave enough to get on stage, and i'm sure that plenty of them are good friends of people on my friends list.... however, iiiiiii don't think i'm a big fan of that. not my bag, baby.

came home LATE last night to find a BEAUTIFUL BOX OF YUM on my chair from my beloved talkingpotato!!! I felt so wonderfully loved, and the note inside was fantabulous. i was so filled with joy, i almosted cried, i did. just the BOX smelled fantabulous. it was bath stuff from LUSH, which i had never heard of before (though andrea has!) i'm so blessed for knowing you, my dearest! and not just because you send me snail mail letters and soap!

plans for today? welp, i'm sposed to meet up some time eventually with mr. wallbrat for some coffee in downtown vancouver, so we'll see! other than that... i do need to get my interview questions ready for AGSFB, so i can get that rolling... still need to call an attorney... desperately need to dye my hair...

used to wonder if you understood
the way i felt about the stove...

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