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You daring, lousy guy!

ha ha ha.

and who can forget THIS? ha ha. short rabbits.

and this is one of the most pointless, but wonderful syndications out there. ha. i am easily amused.

my hearing is still supersonic for some things. i turned on the television last night and had to turn it right back off because the sound was too prickly to my ears. anytime poor andrea talked, i thought my ear would bleed.

and it's no better today. *sigh* eight freaking luscious hours of officemaximillian with howling kids and that freaking radio in my ear all day. i don't THINK i'm working with anyone that has an overly piercing voice, but still. even andrea chopping things in the kitchen - on the other side of the HOUSE - is hurting.

went to bed fairly early, crawling under the covers and watching the first half of the final episode of Quantum Leap before dozing off. i had to have the volume way down, so i would be straining half the time to hear it, pushing back on the covers to get away from it the rest of the time.

angry dreams where someone used me as a joke for one of their male friends, hard to explain, but it basically ended up my being the butt of the joke.. sort of being used as the fat ugly girl to tease their friend, whom i had liked and respected.

gah. all i want to do is sit in a quiet room today. all day. but this will not happen.

Died in an amusement park accident
I came back for you
So you wouldn't be alone
And if I go away again
You can have my stereo

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