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the caffeine commands me, like giant radioactive rubber pants!

weeeeird dreams again last night. the only thing i can remember is that i was watching a video for jason falkner (the gray's) "both belong".. turns out, his back up musicians are dr. daniel jackson on guitar, Teal'c on bass, and Amanda Tapping on electric guitar. (for some reason, she was amanda tapping in my dream instead of samantha carter.) maybe o'neill was on drums somewhere else? dunno. i remember being VERY impressed with daniel's guitar playing, and he looked like such a rock star doing it, too.

something tells me i watch too much television, even though i don't, really.

called in sick, which i KNEW that they knew was coming, but i still got a mini lecture when i called in, as Muriel had called in right before me, and they hadn't even been there a half hour yet. *sigh* i almost got ready and went to work anyway, from being filled with guilt over shorting them.


instead, i shall sit at home and drink coffee with soy milk and play final fantasy 8, methinks. i always LOVE playing 8 when i have sinus issues that prevent me from thinking.

I.. i'll do anything that you want me to
I'll do almost anything that you want me to..
But I can't go for that...
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