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i seemed to have miraculously slept my ass off last night, literally. i woke up this morning and put on my (only) pair of jeans, which had been tight around the waist even last week. whaaa? they're now baggy? eenterestink. so i go on my merry way, getting ready for the Adventure of Free Clinic Finding, putting my hair in its trademark (lately) ponytails and whatnot. as i held a mirror up so that i could make sure nothing weird was going on in the back of my head, i caught a glimpse of my ass.

ho ho, what do we have HERE?!? I took a moment to gaze amazedly at my newfound lack of ass. well, i take that back. because of my heritage (mommaliciousness), i shall always have Back, but... wow.

for those of you that DIDN'T know, or didn't remember, two halloweens ago, i weighed in at 240, which was a couple of months after i had been working two jobs. so i'm guessing i topped out at 250? that's my guess. i didn't have access to a scale, so i dunno for certain. anyhoot, after that, i sort of dropped 10 lbs and sort of.. hovered.. there for a year and a half, seesawing between 227 and 233.

this morning? 209. not bad. i so wish i could remember what i weighed when i left phoenix. something tells me it was right around there. at least, all

ha ha. never thought i would say proudly 'I WEIGH OOOONLY 209!' it would be nifty if i could fit into a 16 soon. either way, it's SUCH a freaking relief to not have my joints be aching after a single day of work, or my knees to creek as i go up the stairs. amazing what 20 lbs can do. not to mention that i have SO much more energy. sleep is SO miraculous these days.

and of course, now that i am having to leave to go somewhere, i'm feeling remarkedly MOTIVATED to do things HERE. if i could just get to this freaking itch on my calf that is JUST OUT OF REACH. that's what i get for buying these jeans at value village (savers to all you arizonan folk): they're beyond not hip, which means that they have a smaller bottom.. frick, what is that called? *slurps coffee* the tailored bottom.. thingie... beveled... whatever. what it MEANS is that i can't pull my pantsleg up to my knee to get at that horrid itch.

yay for pencils.

yay, also, for putting these jeans on and finding $21 in the pocket, two days before payday.

so sweet you want to die

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