Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

maybe she's already dead, maybe she's gone to Mars...

obligatory post for the day...

Bacci has finally been wanting to play fetch again, after many many moons of looking at us like "puh-LEEZ *eyeroll*" whenever we would even suggest such a thing. it always cracks me up to see a cat fetch. however, she's been wanting to play this for FOUR HOURS now. holy mackeral. my arm is getting tired.

work wants me to come in early, as we're getting a Loss Prevention Audit today, and i AM a Shrink Guru, afterall. apparantly, they also called at 7 am this morning to ask me to come in at 10 instead of 1. erm, yeah. with still being sick and not being able to hear out of my left ear without great pain yet, i SO do not want to spend 10 or more hours there for my first day back. nothanks. i HAD planned on at least going in an hour early, so it would look like i made the effort, but alas... if i did that, i would have to leave in *looks at clock* two minutes. *looks down at her front* and i'm not even wearing a bra. and bathing would be good.

bleck. i so don't want to go today. i hope these antibiotics kick in and SOON.

i can't wait for payday so that we can go grocery shopping so that i can hopefully remember to buy stuff that is nukerwavable. i don't feel like washing a pan so i can get some nutrients before work.

nothing else important to report. according to my calculations, i should FINALLY be able to put ALL of my hair into a ponytail in a month's time.

though that brings me back to the ever-impending question: if i hate how my hair feels on the back of my neck so much, why on EARTH am i growing it out? (or, as i originally typed, 'on arth.' i don't know why on arth i would grow it out, either. wherever that is.) i keep telling myself it just needs to get past this awkward phase, i.e. a bit longer than shoulder length, and i'll be home free. i won't have that irritating sensation of my hair sitting underneath my collar anymore.

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