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hee hee hee. i did a new trick yesterday... for the first time in.. geez... maybe 10 years or so, i was ABLE TO PULL DOWN MY PANTS WITHOUT UNBUTTONING THEM!!!!



.... well, III think it's a nifty trick.

i just don't get as much exercise at work now that they took my keys away. i think i'm becoming lazy (!!!) in my old age.

I am still... yes, STILL... downloading ffxi. this is day 3 of my 30 day trial. whee. fun game! only like 600 files left to go, though. this would seem like a lot, unless you realize that i had started with over 5000, i believe.

had fun with jess yesterday, doing silly things. just like old times, he played a video game, and i helped by reading him secrets. i don't think we've done that since... sheesh.. since final fantasy 8 was the most recent game. i got halfway through the wise owl forest in Dark Cloud, and into the sewers with Flece for Summoner. oh, how i wish i had two days off in a row, so i could sit here in my AIDS Walk 2004 t-shirt and waste my time away.

mmm... coffee.

I did sign up for the AIDS Walk 2005, which takes place on September 25th. I'll let you know when i get the details in the mail.



Sep. 13th, 2006 07:57 am (UTC)
what was an even bigger slap in the face for my poor coworker, yancey, though.. they promoted him to supervisor with all the duties thereof... but then said that there were too many key carriers (after stringing him along for EIGHT MONTHS of "soon, soon.") so he had all the responsibility of dealing with jerk customers, but couldn't get into anything that was even remotely locked. he FINALLY got his keys after being a supervisor for a freaking YEAR.


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