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i just wish i would have brought my camera. bleh. *sigh*

review of Better Than Ezra's Greatest Hits is now up at www.flavazmag.com!! yes, yes, i had sort of added to and twisted around the livejournal review i had posted about a month ago when i had gotten the cd. because of getting my article in so early, i kept panicking, thinking that my NEXT month's article was due due due, although the deadline from last month hadn't passed yet. silly how actually getting something done early instead of very last minute can screw with the mind.

yesterday was great fun. went to the mcdonald's company party with andrea, joel, jess, and daniel, where we showed up, inhaled their bbq, and left. the park it was in was beyond beautiful, with the tallest evergreens i've seen in longer than i can remember, and a little lake, complete with mosquitos.

afterwards, after receiving ZERO phone calls from you peoples, jess, daniel, and i embarked on another adventure, this time into P-Town. None of us knew what the hell we wanted to do, so daniel drove us to a little bar with nice live music he had fun at one time, Lowell Thirst. This place was so packed, we literally could not fit in the front door. so we left.

next up was a gay bar that jess had heard about from one of his coworkers. first realization upon walking in: there was zero places to sit because it was so busy. second realization, made by me: holy crap, i'm the only female in the entire BAR. (further inspection revealed a black lady in one corner, and a 50 some odd old woman at another table. but still. out of like 50 to 100 people?) so we left.

after that, we went to another place that daniel heard was splentastic. we were quite confused as the only people we saw around the bar were clad in bikini's or dominatrix type swimsuits with spiked heels and overexaggerated make up. sure enough, when we got to the door, it said that there was a beach party (which i thought silly as it was in portland in 60 degree rainy weather), and only participants were allowed. so we left.

grabbing coffee to keep up our energy level, we decided to find a place to eat, instead. after several circuits of Hawthorne, Burnside, and Broadway, we headed downtown. After walking circles for about an hour trying to make up our minds (and stopping in whole foods for a potty break, as i had to pee from the get go), we headed to 23rd and went to Rock Bottom, where they have CHUH-EEEEP happy hour specials and beeeeer.

during our adventure yesterday, i was completely in love with music. everything that came onto my mp3 player, i fell utterly in love with all over again. in listening to some Lillian Axe as we were crossing the bridge on the 205 from washington to oregon, i thought about how over 10 years ago, i was listening to this very song while riding around in a government van going on little campus trips in job corps, and how i would totally lose myself in the sound of the music combined with the vision of the beautiful nature around me, and how i would go on these little trips just for that experience, moreso than what would lie at the end of the trip.

then i heard these lyrics:

Time and time again
I need reminding of where I’ve been
Helplessly scared, left so alone
This time I’ll make the journey on my own
Don’t stop me now, as this begins
I feel a brave and new awakening

Yet life goes on,but I’ll be gone
A brand new life awaits me


Upon your lap I rest my head,
I thank my lucky stars that I’m not dead yet,
The fields of green, the mountainsides
I fly beyond them and there’s a sea of sorrow
Guide me to my rest
And in my deepfreeze I am possessed

But life goes on
Embrace the dawn
A brand new song awaits you
Control your fear
But keep it near


Time to go away
Escape confusion and disarray
I found a peace, tranquility
My newborn love, my secret mystery
My soul lives on, beyond the skies
My questions answered I say good-bye

But life goes on
Embrace the dawn
A brand new song awaits your mind

how fantastic those lyrics are in retrospect, as i was 19 years oldish, had my whole life ahead of me, and was on the verge of something extraordinary, yet so terrified of what lie ahead.

such adventures i've had.
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