Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

if you have ever had any doubt that i'm a nerdy nerd that needs a life, all grey area will be vanquished now.

are you sitting down?

i got excited today, cuz when i was flipping channels, on an episode of Power Rangers Wild Force, EVERY SINGLE red ranger EVER got together to vanquish evil.

that's right, folks. there was Jason. there was Tommy. there was the black dude that replaced Tommy. there was Andros. there was Alex? or whatever his name was from Time Force. there was the droolingly good looking red ranger from ranger's in space. there was a guy from the rescue ranger guys (not chip and dale, silly), and then the time force guy.

they all did their special mighty morphin calls to transform, starting with "tyrannosaurus!"

i sat, enthralled that the writers could actually get every single one of them together.

i sat, and laughed, when i came to the realization that it prolly wasn't too difficult, as none of them has really DONE anything cinematically successful since they left the show.

but i was excited, nevertheless.

i began to think of other color reunions. pink could never happen, cuz i'm assuming that the power rangers is a buried past of kimberly's (although, still, no matter where i see her on tv, i point and exclaim "KIMBERLY!"). yellow couldn't happen, due to Trini's untimely demise (RIP).

i came to a realization that i truly DO need a life.
Tags: entertainment

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