Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

not now... i'm making.....................TOAST!

i will give you tacos.

such tacos i will GIIIIVE.

fireworks going off outside, per usual. although this is the 3rd 4th of july being here, i still feel very discombobulated living in a place where such things aren't illegal.

*people are putting a tent up in our parking lot*
me: *thinking* huh. wonder if it's a dog show?
pattie: huh. wonder if it's a carnival?
manager rick: huh. wonder if it's a rug sale?

as we slap our foreheads in unison and remark that it's a fireworks stand. we still chuckle about that. "so, checked out the rugs yet?"

my stomach is upset, my head wishes to explode (that happens to me sometimes), and i'm in a BAAAD mood. i hate the fucking phone and wish it would die. STOP RINGING, JERK! my head is pounding, i feel like bleck, and am considering going to bed at 10 pm on the eve of my 4 days off.

well, maybe after Zim is over.
Tags: holiday, phone hate

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