Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

old meme and indecision

so i actually have OPTIONS for tomorrow's festivities...

should i go to the barbecue at faetal's mommy's house?
or should i go to the fort with brosely and stanieldaniel?
or should i stay the hell home?


unless there's anything else going on? *shrug* i'm SO not patriotic this year. it's almost as if i'm on strike from being patriotic. andrea and i discuss this daily.

i've come to the realization lately that i'm obsessed with chocobos.

anyhoo, on to the meme, where you go to images.google.com for your hometown and stuff.

my first car:

i was only in this car for 3 weeks, and had SO many problems with it (timing belt blew not even 16 miles off of the lot, and then my radiator.. then my water thingie...) the salesman had quit that place because of how uncomfortable he felt about their sales tactics (my friends and my cars were the last straw), so he called me to bring Timothy in (my 89 escort wagon) and trade him in for this:

which i had until the Big Car Accident of 2000, which totalled my poor Maxwell.

as for place i grew up, i have spent almost equal times in the following places, where i did critical growing up periods:

from birth to age 8..

from age 8 to 13..

from age 13 to 19..

from age 20 to 28..

(during age 19 and 20, i lived in oregon, minnesota, virginia, and missouri en route to arizona...)

interesting how when you put in my full name into google images, you come up with a picture of nathan lane... i DID see The Birdcage on my 21st birthday..

my grandmother's name:

my favorite song:

(i'm just as confused as you guys.)

my favorite shoes... though mine didn't have stars on them. these are the shoes that i had been wearing the day i went in for my pap smear years ago and my gay doctor, while i was on the table nekkid and spread eagle with a metal thing in my hoo hoo, called over his also gay assistant to look at my shoes, and to ask how i accessorized with them. um.. can we discuss this later? i feel a draft...

favorite scent:

favorite drink:

favorite food:

Tags: meme, nostalgia, pictures

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