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it's as if i've woken from a confused and cloudy dream...

so much for accomplishing anything, though i WILL have dyed my hair by the end of the evening. hoo, boy, are the grey hairs coming out in force! ... okay, there's like 8 of them.... (but we like to pretend they're not there... we don't like to discuss it..)

waiting for jess and daniel to come over so we can go snarf something. mmmm, foood. in something sort of related, karma is a real bitch, which is SO enjoyable sometimes. but i'm not gloating, because that could inflict more karma, but unto me, or so i believe. so i shall just say: careful of the bridges you burn, kiddies.

SO don't want to go to work tomorrow. doubt i'll accomplish too much today, because IT'S SO FUCKING HOT. wah. i want to sit here and suck water all day and have a silly stargateathon. but methinks i'm out of episodes. le sigh. or maybe a zimathon? i do happen to have the entire first season now. unfortunately, season 2 is unplayable for some reason, and that freaking xmas episode is still ever elusive.

uploaded more icons. 70 down, 30 to go...

i have spent a bit more time out in nature lately, it makes me almost actually want to *gasp* go camping. there's just something fantastic about woods + nighttime.

i so thought i had something else to say here. what did ya'll do yesterday?

i put a quarter in a record machine
i thought i'd dedicate one to jolene
but it was full of records i'd never seen
now it's time to change, and it's all beyond me...

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