Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

not as hungover this morning as i thought i was going to be - HUZZAH! contrary to how it sounds, we didn't have a giant party, it was only tefen and a bunch of beer. the more i talk to that boy, the more i'm convinced we're twins. it's eerie:

both lived in phoenix around 1995 on.
both worked at officemax.
both worked at michaels.
both worked at wal*mart.
both are older than our friends.
both have brown hair.
we've both partied with alicenwndrln, though she lives in l.a. this was discovered last night when we yelled in unison that we, too, had a friend on www.imdb.com.

anyhoo. i'm rambling this morning. my head is cloudy from the whopping 2 beers and half a shot of tequila i had. oh, and the half a glass i downed of andrea's drink "would you like a sip?" "WOULD I!!!?" *gulp gulp gulp*

the more it happens, the more i'm really liking having people over. it's weird: in phoenix, i was a massive recluse, i hated having anyone over at any given time, i would prefer to go meet YOU, thankyouverymuch. and if you stopped by without calling first? yeah. i wouldn't answer the door. neveryoumind that my jeep is parked RIGHT THERE. i could be sleeping! i could be bathing! i could be dead on my kitchen floor! it's interesting to know that i'm getting past this massive anxiety. i want people over. i'm a HORRIBLE hostess, really, which is why i'm happy that faetal is so much better at that sort of thing. but i'm still really liking being able to be social, and still be in the comfort of my own home. maybe this stems from not having a car, and when going out to do the whole social bizness, i'm at the driver's mercy as to when we leave or where we go. but at hoooooOOOOoome... i can go to bed if i don't like it! woo! (this has yet to happen, btw.)

meanwhile, i really need to get over my anxiety of playing guitar in front of others, even if i'm just practicing.

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