Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

sugar and bed highs, and the ever procrastinatory standpoint

i know i've said this many times, but let me remind you: i always become TICKLED PINK whenever someone comes to visit me at work, especially during times like these where we get our final lull in business before back to school hits us with a steel bat. (we usually do 18K in a day on a SLOW day, generally up to 22K on average a day.. we didn't even break 14K yesterday...) so i squeed with delight when i saw brosely and stanieldaniel coming up (oddly, i had picked up the phone at that very second to call them.)

due to all the stress of everything going on around me yesterday, i had an ice cream cone and a cookie at lunch. it has been a VERY long time since i had sugar, so by the time i got back to work, i was a twittering crack addicted mindless idiot. if i had any doubt that i was on one hell of a sugar high, it was completely banished as i was paying a coworker for a water, and...

adam: a dollar sixteen.
aubrey: okay, here.
aubrey: WAIT! i've got a penny, I've got a Penny, I'vegotapennyi'vegotapennyI'VEGOTAPENNYI'VEGOTAPENNY!!!!! *taptaptaptaptaptaptaptap* HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! LISTEN TO MEEE! HEE HEE HEEEEE.

yeeah. we'll stay off the sugah, unkay?

speaking of procrastination (.... *blink, blink* ....i was in my head), i need to toss an article or two together for that freeping magazine, it's due by sunday. due to time constraints, i had thought about doing something .. a retro replay like i had with r.e.m., but with the bangles, and then if i'm feeling REALLY creative, doing a write up on Portland Pride like i had planned to do when i had gone, collected 283472394 things and took 2983472398 pictures. unfortunately, i was too shy to ask strangers to pose for me, so i would just have closeups of my friends ;)

stupid having to working.

oh and i now have a bed, an ACTUAL BED. granted, it's on loan until jess finds a concrete place to live, but still. last night found me... well, i had been sleeping on a full size futon mattress, you see, and for some reason, jess and daniel thought it would be a super idea to sammich the futon mattress between the boxspring mattress and the top one. they did this with my bedding STILL ON THE FUTON. *smacks forehead* not to mention the top mattress kept wanting to slide right off the futon, as well as it sat at an alarming angle. eeeerrm, no.

so 1230 am last night found me in my socks, bra, and underwear with a shot of Hornitos in me (i am a goddess.), dragging a top full mattress off of my bed and inching around, trying like mad to get the futon mattress off of the boxspring and the regular mattress back on top, so that i could finegle the futon mattress (HEAVY and LIMP.) onto the top. let me also inform you that my bedroom is TINY, so space was QUITE limited. every time i heard one of the roommies moving around outside of the door, i would freeze and hold my breath, as if they would hear me and come knocking, and there i would be, half nekkid and sveaty and out of breath.

with this accomplished, i made my bed, turned out the light, and by the light of the television, clambored onto my new bed. (climbing is involved, you see, because it's really TALL.) after sleeping virtually on the floor for 2 1/2 years, i kept feeling as if i was going to fall off of the thing, or that it would break, because it was MOVING. after getting to the middle of my bed and flopping down, i suddenly felt like i was a 4 year old girl, sleeping on a cloud. (granted, a cloud that would break at any moment, but a cloud nevertheless..)

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