Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

poll answers, take 2

and more responses to yesterday's poll:

deadmans_diner - Nineveh, of course. if it still existed!

childishdreams - oh, heck, yeah, though i sort of feel like i did by moving back up here from phoenix. i have virtually no bills. my cost of living went from like $1300 or more a month down to $300 (not including groceries.).. i quit working 'a career' and now work 'retail'. i think that's pretty close.

ainabarad - clowns TERRIFY ME. my Top Five List of Irrational Fears: 1. Clowns. 2. Claymation. 3. Dolls (ESPECIALLY ventriloquist dummies. howeveryouspellit.) 4. Monkeys. 5. Michael Jackson. i would say that spiders is #6, really, though i'm trying to overcome my massive throwuppy fear of them. the dark? not so much, unless there's a VERY good possibility that there's spiders in that thar dark.

scrumbles - WOULD i! i had been hoping to collaborrate on.. something!

luxperpetua - oh heck, yes. as much as i love my mother to death, and i feel HORRIBLE saying this, i don't think i would like her as a person if i wasn't her daughter. but i do love her very deeply. though that wasn't really what you asked, was it? overall, no, i don't think i do. it's hard to annoy me, so i get along with just about anyone.

njsharkman - i've always loved the 'gem tones', i suppose... dark stark red, dark yellow... forest green. with white trim. *slurps* i used to have a fantasy that when i grew up and got rich and bought a big honkin house that i would decorate each room in a different style, i.e. one in japanese styles, one in southwestern, one in egyptian...

kabandara - very good, actually. though everything isn't going pristinely (i SO can't wait for the next 30 days to be over), i'm actually in a very good place right now. it's been so very long (if ever!) since i could say that. i had always thought that busting my ass to make the bucks, have the stuff, do the things was what i wanted in life, but it really isn't. thank you for making me smile with this question, luv :)

oatmeal - next saturday, 836 p.m., EST.

yoko - my family, sometimes. i would never deny them anything, for the most part (though i may be sullen while doing it.) but they're my greatest sense of strength, too. other than that? probably my procrastination. egads, that's gotten me into trouble SO many times.

bethjovi - i love performing music with others, and with a goal in mind. something i haven't done in entirely too long. sitting by myself and strumming a guitar, while mentally theraputic, isn't as musically challenging and rewarding. other than that? reading (though i do so little of it anymore), music... onlineness... yeah, i'm boring. ooh AND ROAD TRIPS. something else i haven't done in forever.

dogmeat - eep like a monkey and fling your doo.

firthy - i got VERY close to once, so close that i had a bunch of my belongings packed. i think i was 15? what stopped me was a 9 year old brosely running in and sobbing and begging me not to leave him. for awhile, my best friend and i seriously entertained the thought of running away and trying to make our lives up in seattle.

foulpost - nope. been pulled over 3 times, though: one for doing 93 in a 65, one for drinking and driving, and one for VERY expired tags.

imnotbob - 1. because if it was green, we wouldn't know where to stop mowing. 2. because you're a freaky giant.

wickedcricket - this is a hard one. i think one is just as bad as the other, really, because that means that they aren't completely emotionally tied into their main relationship. both suck.

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