Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

okee, here's the waist, the random picture, and the ex-bleeding foot, for your viewing pleasure.

ironic that my favorite pic that i took yesterday ended up being one i took upside down. i'm leaving it that way for that special added effect.

if i can get my photo imaging software to work again, this is SO being made into an icon. Bacci in the background just adds to it, says me.

when the bleeding stopped, this was my injured foot. mmmm.

pee. ess. congratulations, all of you, for the harry potter book. i am probably close to thee last human being on the planet (that's HOOman being, DEEONALD!) that has never seen a single movie, nor read a single word of any of the books. it has become almost .. a quest to refuse to see or read them ever ever ever, just so that i can stand firm on the fact i've never seen or read anything potterish. i almost refused to watch someone play the video game because of this.

i also need to have an mstie night. i miss Pumaman. i miss time chasers. i miss all the weird episodes i think i've only seen once. i'm just happy that i have a tape with 3 episodes i never care to see again (though i'll never get rid of it): Hamlet, Devil Fish, and Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. i think our household is long overdue for another random mstie run.
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