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oh my DOODNESS, i'm happy to be home! i left at 6 am this morning on foot, trudging south on Andresen for my loverly mandatory 7 am meeting. I left early so that I could stop by the Shell station and pick up some caffeine. you see.. whenever i have to leave at unGodly hours like anything between zero o'clock and butt thirty a.m., i.. well for some reason my brain panics illogically, and i cannot sleep. i HAVE improved a bit, as i was able to get approximately 3 hours of rest instead of my usual hour and a half. dare i hope for six the next time? DOUBLE ME!

thought i was working until 3, but a bit after the meeting was over and we had opened for the day, the manager makes an announcement over the radios:

"Yancey just called, his brand new fiancee's mother is throwing him a surprise engagement party this evening, and he was scheduled to closing, does someone want to leave now and come back at two?" I look around and realize that every single person working commuted for a VERY long time to work, either by foot or by bike, and since it was going to be almost a hunnerd degrees outside (according to "they"), i could see by their facial expressions that no one wanted to do it.

so i worked from 7 am until close.

i feel so sorry for customers when i'm uber tired. i babble. i babble incessantly about ANYTHING that comes to mind, which.. yeah. not always professional. same with coworkers: "gah, i so need to go bra shopping, i haven't worn this one in so long, because it had been too small for me. now that it fits and is comfortable again, though, i'm not used to the way the edge is cut.. every time i bend over to pick something up or whatnot, the Twins want to pop out and yell HELLOOOO!" *said with a flourishing double handed motion* with some of the junk spurting out of my mouth today, i felt like a walking SNL skit. and not one of the GOOD ones.

i had SO much caffeine: two LARGE cups of coffee, two LARGE diet cokes, and a venti cafe breve. and my eyes were STILL trying to roll up inside of my lids, i was so durned tired.

i'm babbling incessantly now. so there.

on't know what i'm in the mood for this evening, any suggestions? i DO want to rip my sock off, wash my wounds and neosporin the death out of my cuts, as i was dumb and didn't wear a bandage. (*pokepoke* they seem alright! *puts fuzzy black sock over gaping wound and starts her walk to work* *feels an unearthly...chafing.. feeling about 50 feet into her half hour walk*) and i do need to do laundry.

and 24 pack crayons are on sale at officemax for nine cents. get em while they're hot. i know IIII did. one cannot have too many crayons, says me.

and yay for my dearest luxperpetua's birthday! thank you so much for enriching my life, you're such an inspiration on so many levels!
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