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my logic is BLINDING today:

i had chosen all morning to sit here in a thick, heavy terry cloth bathrobe because it was too hot to put on pants. .... unkay.

so don't wanna go to work, i have two more days until i get a day off *le sigh*, and after being there for every waking moment for the last 2 or 3 days, i'm VERY burned out on all that is officemax. New Manager Steve starts today (dearest Tony's replacement...), so i'm nervous about getting off on the right foot.

slept like utter corn-filled dookie last night. horrid dreams involving a crush coming over to hang out... and bringing his brand new girlfriend that he had neglected to inform me about. she was deaf, so i felt i couldn't HATE her, though in the dream, i was doing everything i could to steal him away from her. i would practically throw myself at him when she wasn't looking. he was having none of it, of course. even in my dream, i realized i was dreaming and wanted to force the dream to make things go in my favor, and also even in the dream hated who i was and what i was doing. woke up with a sore back and filled with disgust in myself that i would do such a thing.

well, crap, it's 9 o'clock. guess i should put pants on now, i have to leave in 15 min. *HEAAAAVY SIGH* mid shift today... closing tomorrow night... bless-ed wednesday off. HONKING shift on thursday. at least i feel 'loved'. they wouldn't schedule me for so many hours if they didn't WANT me there (i see how they schedule some coworkers they don't like...)

da da da
love your hair
da da da
lend me a ten
da da da
i love your big house
da da da
can you spare a dime
well i'm sick of it...
it's a load of shit.

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