Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

social things are different from region to region. i've lived in a lot of different regions in my lifetime, so i got to experience a lot of them.

the biggest thing that comes to mind, though, is the different little social nuances between places that really aren't THAT far apart, such as washington state and arizona.

i spent all my teenage years up here in washington, and even as a teen, my friends and i would meet 'for coffee', even if we didn't drink coffee, that's how we did social stuff. "hey, wanna go to coffee?" we'd parade down to the local diner and drink coffee or soda, eat ice cream or salad or sometimes something actually substantial, and hang out until like 4 am or later.

after my best friend joe and i moved to phoenix...

joe and i: hey, wanna go to coffee?
person: *blink blink* coffee? i don't drink coffee.
joe and i: well, you don't have to buy coffee, we just meant to go somewhere like denny's and shoot the breeze for awhile.
person: well why call it coffee, then, wouldn't we be going for dinner?
joe and i: well... it's.. um...
person: and i'm not really hungry.
joe and i: well, you can get a soda, we'll hang out.. talk
peson: that's... weird.
joe and i: *sigh*

i can't count HOW many times i would ask people if they wanted to go to coffee sometime and would get that response. i think towards the end of the 8 years that i spent in phoenix that it finally turned out to be COOL to go to a local coffee place and get tea, coffee, dessert, what-have-you, and sit and just.. hang out.

and for some reason until this morning, i had totally forgotten that i was once again back in the land of 'coffee'. once the realization hit, i remembered a lot of recent conversations with people like wallbrat and oatmeal as to how we should get together for coffee. i knew that in the offer, it wasn't a situation to where i HAD TO GET COFFEE OR DIIIIE, but a nice social invitation to 'do lunch w/o food' type thing. 'let's hang'.

and i really did miss doing coffee, and am happy that i'm back in a place where i can just show up with one or two other people to say... Denny's.. and hang out until 4 am. granted, i never do this, but it's nice to know the option is there.

yay again for days off.

p.s. - i need to make more friends that like taking random road trips. "i'm bored, wanna do anything today?" "sure, wanna go to SEATTLE?!?" "*dies with glee*"

i freaking love/miss road trips with a PASSION.

p.p.s. - R.I.P., Scotty. Thanks for giving us such a fantastic catch phrase or two.

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