Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

*insert whine about work here: ______*

i had been talking all year about how i couldn't believe that management kept talking to me about my horrible attitude last year around back to school, and how i was incredulous. MEEEE? i'm a kitten! i never have a bad attitude.

how i had forgotten. just HEARING the stuff coming out of my mouth last night, and we aren't even into full swing for back to school yet. it's going to be a loooong season.

(in my defense, i had asked a coworker to come up front and cover my register for five minutes while i went to pee. as i was leaving, a lady came up and insisted that we find her the 12 cent pencils we have on sale, though i said we were out. so Manager Rick, the new guy Hai, and I ran around everywhere trying to find the pencils. no luck. so Igor (the guy covering my register) says she wants a rain check. fine. have her come to the kiosk and i'll put her info in there. i stand by the kiosk for - and i'm not exaggerating - 20 min, waiting for her. igor keeps asking where her rain check is, and i explain to him repeatedly that she needs to come over so i can get her name, address, etc. on her way over from the register, she stops to talk to another customer for another 5 minutes or more, then FINALLY comes over to me and says snottily "um, where is my raincheck? you going to give me one or what?" i gave her her stupid rain check for 5 packs of 12 cent pencils (yeah, that much grief was SO worth a freaking 60 cent transaction), and then headed back to the bathroom. i got to the hallway with the restroom when igor says over the radio "aubrey, can you come up here? has anyone seen aubrey? she told me that i was covering her for five minutes, and she left me stranded up here." right in front of a customer, no less, i got on the radio and said "*heavy sigh* how bad do you NEED me, igor? i have been trying to go to the freaking restroom for a freaking half hour, and i just got outside of the bathroom. i will be back up there as SOON as i can." i went up and then apologized profusely.

also, the entire evening, anytime i asked for help from someone over the radio, alli got was resounding silence, which is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. after the fifth request for something simple, like a backup cashier, whoever would respond would YELL into the radio "I'M BUSY!" well, if you would tell me this in the first place....)
Tags: pet peeves, work

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