Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

here's the first set of pictures, as promised.


holy moly. i wish i knew what i weighed. going away party, april 2003.
aubrey, lori, and annette

the two wonderful girls that were there for me literally right up until the end, helping me that final night to pack the last of my belongings, and going to clean my apartment after i had driven away. i miss them.
aubrey, lori, and annette
singin stace

and peyton looks SOO HAPPY to be alive.
singin stace

some of those pictures will NEVER see the light of day. for those of you that were actually there, you may remember what they might be of.

spent the afternoon going through all of my old photos that i thought i had lost, but suddenly remembered where they were. they're definitely a reminder of how different my life used to be. i can't BELIEVE how much alcohol i consumed back in the day, how much i miss my professional wear. i set aside some of them (okay, a zillion) to scan in and put in my gallery, i'll let you know when they're in.

does anyone know if there's ever a limit on space on pics.livejournal.com?

actually, go here for all the other pics that i scanned in from the rolls of film (including the halloween ones and stuff.)
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