Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

YAY! i always tell people that i dressed as Paul Stanley from KISS when i was 4 years old, thusly, it's meant to be that i become a rawk stah when i get older.

coworker pattie called a few minutes ago and wants to do something this evening after work, as the 3 musketeers: pattie, jessalyn, and myself are closing, and jess just turned 21. hrm.

will have more pictures... soon.

in other news, i'm ecstatic to reveal my new icon, that of the dead cat painting that my brother CONSTANTLY fight over custody for. it's hard to see it clearly, it's quite large in person. in some aspects, it looks like a cat wrapping itself around a vase... but closer look reveals that it's most likely spurting from the cat itself. i love it, i think it's sort of symbolic, like a spirit escaping the body after death. we (he) found it in an apartment a long time ago when he was maintenance. the old tenants had left it behind. we've been fighting over it ever since.

working on cropping and fixing other photos i found, including a TON from dennys in feb of 2002, with people like frobear, scaraharem (with her blonde extensions!), and... well, i'm too lazy to go look up other people's names, as i'm already running late for work, but i'll let you all know when they are up.

uploaded other icons that i sorta made, like the nosepicking one, another zim one, and one that inspectorjury made of me for me. check them out, if you have absosmurfly nothing better to do with your time.

have a splentastic weekend!
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