Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i don't even know what day it is. weird.

and oh how i love my computer NOT working. a not working computer is bad. ("use the whip!" " but it's a not working whip!") i think it ate something that upset it's stomach, like a worm. i know that eating worms would upset MY stomach. still can't find that dumb windows installation disc so that i can completely reformat my c drive, and i spose that getting a new version of norton would help, too. i haven't had any automatic updates since mid march. bleh.

so, um... unless i can get this rectified soonly (even running adaware and spybot is finding nothing that is causing my computer to take literally 10 min to even pull up my home page when i click on the firefox symbol), you probably won't hear from me for awhile. feel free to contact me via text or cell and such things.

also contemplating biting my self consciousness in the arse and wearing a tank top for my walk to work in attempts to get rid of my farmer's tan before the wedding next weekend. my forearms are becoming so tan that they almost look DIRTY. or that they used to belong to someone else, that i lost mine in a tragic accident and traded them with an immigrant named Lupe or something. so as self conscious as i am and have always been about my arms, and in thinking about how all the tiny girls at work wear tank tops.... i try to tell myself that it doesn't matter, they don't give a crap, it's freaking SUMMER, and i'm not crushing on anyone there, anyway, so why would i think that they would give a hooey if my arms were a bit flappy? besides. they can like me for me. i assume they like me for me, not because I M TEH BUFFEST.

stupid self image, anyhoo. i'm sure it will be MUCH worse during the wedding when i'm clad in bright shiny lavendar and have the tan of a farmer. sexeh.

off to work then, for day one of eight in a row. woot. and methinks i'm closing for every one of them. wahoo.
Tags: computer, wedding

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