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apparently, i cannot get gmail to work. maybe i'm getting the address wrong? anyone? anyone? Beuller?

loverly kink-in-the-neck is still... loverly, but not THROBBING like it was yesterday. wow. i never knew that breathing could cause your neck to... stab your eye out with pitchforks. and toss walking into the mix? hooo-wee.

work tossed a mid shift into the mix, so i'm up early. sleep is overrated. unfortunately, it seems like coffee, is, too. *looks forlornly at cup*

i now have season one of sg-1 on my computer, so like a nerd, i shall watch them. and then i feel silly because as i was typing that, andrea says something about stanieldaniel calling, and my ears perk up and i think "why is daniel jackson calling YOU?"

i blame the coffee.

will be getting the home phone turned off in about a week, so make sure you all have our cell phone numbers, yo.


*sneezes seven times*

nothing else to report, sorry.

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