Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

story i meant to put down for MY personal records, regardless if it's a fantastic read or not.

i was hit by a swift change artist the other night! i was excited, because i thwarted him completely, and will most likely get a $20 reward for it.

a guy comes in and asks if we have glass cutters. um, no. *mentally adds glass cutters to list of odd things people actually go to an office supply store for, along with 2% milk, ziplock bags, and books on learning guitar* he shops around.

i can't remember what he bought, but his total came to $4.30. he paid me with a fifty, a quarter, and a nickel.

as i'm pulling his $46 change out of the till, he says "awwwwwwwwwww, maaaaaaaaan, i didn't mean to pay you with my fifty, can i buy it back from you?" i look at him and raise an eyebrow. (well, mentally, because i cannot do this RL. so instead of looking fantastically interested in a slightly evil way by raising a single eyebrow, i most likely looked like i had a sudden onslaught of constipation.) he says "just hand both to me, and i'll give you the small bills back to make $50."

I smile at him and shake myhead, take $46 out of my till, and hand it to him. he makes a show of counting up to $50, and hands it to me. i flip the money over and count it. "Um, there's only $48 here. You need to give me $2 more before i give you your $50 bill back."

He falls all over himself in apologies, and counts out two more dollars. After assuring i did now have $50, i handed him his bill. as i'm putting the $50 in my till, he starts talking really fast about different denominations of money. "oh, actually, do you have a $100 bill i can buy from you?" i point to the empty slot in my till that shows that i do not have a 100 at the moment and shake my head. ooh, how about 5 twenties? i would also like to buy five twenties from you, then." (he is saying all of this really fast and repetitively as i'm still putting the two twenties, the five, and five ones in my drawer). "you have fifty there, and here's another fify *hands me the $50 bill*.

this makes sense for a nanosecond, but then i look at him and shake my head. "ha ha, nooooooooo. that's the fifty dollar bill you bought from me with what i just put in my drawer. i can't give you any more change, i'm sorry." he apologizes profusely and races out the door, heading over to petsmart next door (he had admitted when he came in that he had just come from michaels). makes me wonder if he actually succeeded with anyone else at the other stores. knowing some of the people that i worked with, and some of the people that i work with in retail, ESPECIALLY if he hit them when they were even remotely busy and flustered, i'm sure that he did.

i guess everyone has to have hobbies.

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