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theft rant

we've also received a VEEEEEEERRRY obviously fake $100 traveler's cheque. i felt bad for the new girl that took it, because she had never seen a traveler's cheque before, so she didn't know what to look at, whereas since i work in the cash office practically every day of my life, i could tell it was a phony from across the room. (i AM the paperwork queen. ha. i do more paperwork than the managers. and i so don't care, because there are not customers in the cash office.) we've also had every freaking tom, dick, and pathetic coming in to rip things off of the shelves (including $3500 of calculators that the loss prevention team at corporate said was a GREAT IDEA to put live on the floor. ha. showed THEM.) i generally try to not be... well... profiling when it comes to people in officemax, and try to give people the benefit of the doubt, regardless of if they're black, white, asian, poor, rich, whatnot. i grew up in a VERY poor family, as well as went through fantastic goth phases, and i remember people in stores looking at me like they wished i would leave, because i was OOOOBVIOUSLY there for no good reason, other than to rob them out of house and home and to stink up the air. i used to LOVE to go into places that were expensive and after getting glared at by all of the workers repeatedly, going up and buying something like money was no object. this didn't happen very often, however. i still cannot fathom spending more than $3 on lipgloss, for example, and spending $17 on a tube of lipgloss? pish.

anyhoo. i always try to give people the benefit of the doubt when they come into officemax, regardless as to who they are. i've seen coworkers see a black man come in with a do-rag and baggy clothing (wow, i sound old by saying that.), and instantly get on the radios, harping about how so and so needs EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE over in the software aisle, code ten, CODE TEN! the same with.. well, with running the risk of sounding snooty, there are just some people that automatically stick OUT in a place like officemax. even when i wasn't pinching pennies, i never shopped at officemax, because i could get the same thing WAY cheaper at target or wal*mart. men that look like they're one step above homeless, for example. missing almost all of their teeth and weighing in at 50 lbs soaking wet, with a nervous tick. when you come in, head STRAIGHT to the ink and toner section, then make a beeline for the bathroom... yeeeeah, we're gonna be on that like white on rice. if you nitpick with us about a $2 pack of pens and then hang out in the software aisle, manhandling our $400 boxes of stuff? yeeah, we're going to become your new best friend. if you come in with 4 friends and IMMEDATELY split up, each of you going to a different section of the store where our theft is high? consider us attached to your hips.

i see people come in all the time and almost IMMEDIATELY know they're up to no good. i feel like i've developed a sixth sense about it. for example, someone coming in on a 95 degree afternoon wearing a GIANT baggy winter coat.

although at times, i do try to give people the benefit of the doubt. the manager will call out for us to follow someone, and i'll talk to them, they'll be genuinely nice, and i'll tell management there's nothing to worry about. unfortunately, almost EVERY SINGLE TIME i do this, i see them wandering around with a $50 ink cartridge one minute in the opposite side of the store.... next minute they're leaving empty handed. crap.

i feel like i'm sounding like a racist, caste loving bitch. if that's how you see it, i'm sorry :( but CHEEZ. if you're going to steal from someone, at least be freaking intelligent about it. but seriously. stealing is WRONG. unless it's cable or internet porn. just kidding about the cable. ha. people don't think about consequences in the grand scheme of things. when you steal from us, not only do you make us look bad, but you also cause everyone's hours to be cut because they have to make up the money SOMEwhere. you cause us to be babysat by corporate because they feel that we can't wipe our own noses without assistance. you cause things like demotions... i got my keys and other priviledges taken away from me because our theft was so high over the last year, though i know that i had NOTHING to do with it, following everything by the book when it came to things like the change drawer and lock-up items. (the new loss prevention district manager said that they had to eliminate theft possibilities one by one until they found the culprit. i laughed when after my keys were taken away (and mary's) because we weren't officially managers, that they discovered that there WAS internal theft going on - camera boxes were empty in side lockup, and they certainly weren't on display anywhere... and i know that IIIII had nothing to do with it, and since it happened after the keys were taken back, it could only be one of the management team. hrm.)
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