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the quiznos stalker story

oh, and another story of the creepy, then i shall stop updating for the day :)

first of all, this is my third back to school working for officemax. every single summer, we hire a plethora of new people that come in and basically annoy the HELL out of us for a month and a half until the Season is over and they go back to school. this year, however, i think we hit the freaking GOLD MINE of new people. i love every single one of them. they're all fun, witty, sweet, and fast learners. i sort of wish that i could trade one or two of the long-term people for abby and ken (who will be leaving for school in a month), and am happy that Hai is staying on after it's over. in all of the temporary workers hired for BTS or Christmas, i've always at LEAST found 2 or 3 of them that i wanted to strangle, and i would like to believe i can get along with just about anyone. okay, maybe only 1 or 2.

aaaaaaaaaaaaanyhoo. Abby and i were stuck up front cashiering together yesterday, although we were DEAD. (i've never seen it this slow during BTS, generally we're getting spanked with a wooden plank at this point and everyone's in tears. i blame officedepot for opening up nearby and sending out all those fabulous coupons. you jerks.) she yells across the terminals (we're at opposite ends)..

abby: "oh, i had forgotten to tell you, the manager at quiznos was asking about you."
aubrey: "..... QUIZNOS?"
abby: "yeah. i didn't catch his name, but he was telling everyone what to do, so he must have been a supervisor. he asked how you were and said he hadn't seen you in awhile."
aubrey: "..... QUIZNOS? what did he look like?"
abby: "mid twenties.. short... average looking."
aubrey: "..... QUIZNOS? i... haven't eaten there in over six months."
abby: "well, you must have made one hell of an impression, then. he was sad you hadn't been in."
aubrey: "um... when i DID go there, it was sporadically and i never talked to anyone, other than to order my sammich, tell them yes, i wanted a drink, inhale my lunch, and race back. i never talked to anyone other than that."
abby: "huh. you should start eating at Quiznos again."

in saying this to coworkers, i came across another one, Deb, who had experienced the same thing, first when she called in an order a month or so ago, whomever answered the phone asked "is this Aubrey?".. and another time she went in, a guy in his mid twenties said that he hadn't seen me in awhile and that he was hoping i would start coming back.

what the hell. i'm creeped out in a curious way. although i no longer eat bread, i should swing by and see if they do have something on their menu that i can digest, and see if i can find this mystery man.

it isn't one of you, is it?


Jul. 30th, 2005 07:59 pm (UTC)
I don't know, maybe it's just the changing times. but why is this creepy? maybe you ate there a couple of times while wearing officemax paraphenalia, and so he knows that's where you work. maybe he's really shy, and is just asking if you're still there to see about bucking up his courage to ask you out.
I just find it annoying that if a girl is interested in a guy and he asks about her it's welcome. but if the girl isn't interested in the guy and he asks about her all of a sudden he's a creepy stalker planning to throw a laundry sack over your head one night and drag you off to his cabin deep in the woods.
like right now at work. there's this one girl I'm a bit interested in. I don't know much about her. but I'm not going to just go up and ask her out. for one, that's not my style. so, I've had to sort of do a bit of background work. I don't know if she's married, dating, or what. maybe girls like guys to be confident like that and just come right up and out and be like "me man, you woman. restaurant we go. hnnnngggggghhhhhhhh!" but that's not me.
so, if she finds out I've been doing a minor amount of research (like I found out she's not married, don't know if she's dating, but has 2 kids, a definite turn off) is she going to think I'm a stalker? I don't have pictures of her up on my walls. I don't follow her around. I just think she's cute and nice the few times we've spoken. so where's the divider between being interested and finding out if there's even a chance before trying anything and being labeled a full blown stalker by just even asking about someone?
Jul. 30th, 2005 09:05 pm (UTC)
Mostly the timeline and the persistence.
May. 4th, 2006 03:32 am (UTC)
pretty much what inisfair said... if he hadn't been so durned persistent, then it may not have ended up being so creepy. i never did find out who he was, either.

i don't think you doing research like you did was creepy at all - it was just casual looking intos that gave you the thumbs up or thumbs down as to whether it would be okay to even attempt to persue something with her, or even if you would WANT to persue (case in point being the kids).... now, if you had hid behind a fake bush in the office to watch for details, THAT would have ben a tad creepy ;)


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