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last night was a night where EVERYONE was way freaking tired, for whatever reason. my coworkers and myself walked around like zombies (except yancey, per usual.) when i had left here for my walk, i thought it a beautiful day, and i was running late, so i walked as fast as humanly possible.

which was all fine and dandy until i got about 2/3 of the way there, when i realized suddenly that i had overexerted myself in the heat. i stand at the final stop light i have to cross and swayed back and forth with dizziness. i had to slow it down for the rest of my walk to work, making it there my trademark 5 min. late, but i really didn't care. i had to drink tons of water and sit for a moment before heading out to the floor, only to be shaking so badly that i had to get yancey to take over for me with a customer while i headed to the break room and drank more water and sat some more. in all of my walks to work, i had never had that happen. a little dizzy, yes, but i seriously thought i would pass out and/or vomit at a few points.

the night ended with two VERY sleepy people working in the cash office. steve h. and i worked diligently on closing the store and doing deposits. crap, we're off 30 cents. aha, here's a sheet of paper that might lead to .. it's a CLUE! and you know what THAT means! WE NEED OUR HANDYDANDY NOTEBOOK! okay. so how does the 30 cents there.. why is it showing we're over here if it was... GAH OUR BRAIN. after sitting and wracking our brains painfully as we tried to figure out why computers think the way they do, steve said "you know what? i'm done. we can just let them figure out things in the morning, i can't deal with this anymore." and turned and threw all the paperwork .... in the garbage. i didn't notice at ALL, though the garbage was right next to my leg, until he said "oh, man, why did i put those in there?" and bent over to fish them out. i laughed so hard that i thought i would die. tears streamed down my face as i asked "so, steve, i know you transfered from another store and all, is this a new filing system of yours?" i giggled the entire rest of the time that we were in there, and all the way out the door. boy, i was tired.

came home and watched Kiki's Delivery Service with jess and daniel before crawling into bed at 245 and finally finishing the episode of BSG that i recorded WEEKS ago. (neveryoumind that i've missed tons of eps in between. i got to see Apollo shoot the cylon in the head as it jumped at him... cuhreepy.)

had dreams with such beautiful scenery that it tugged at my heartstrings. i remember racing around with a camera and taking pictures of my house in the clouds as it flew overhead, so that i could show people (especially on livejournal.) after taking tons of pictures, i realized that everything here on the ground was so much more beautiful: i took lots of pictures of a dark blue house with dusk behind it.. the clouds and sky had turned the perfect color to blend in with the house, and the sun would hit the house just right to make it breathtaking. but wait! past the house is a mountain, and the angles of the sun and shadows... wow. and the valley below! gah! i was very sad when i woke up and realized that it hadn't happened, that there would be no pictures. i also dreamed about school - again. i had to decide if i wanted to take math for first period or.. something else that i can't remember.

woke up craving me some lisa loeb.

i work an.. odd shift tonight. 2 - 9. this used to mean 'to close', but apparently, theyre needing to cut hours, so if you're scheduled for when the doors lock, boy howdee, you leave when the doors lock. so, basically i get to get off of work just in time to walk home in the DARK! WOO! granted, there's only been one, maybe two, shootings on my route home from work before, but since they're drug related, i'm sure i'll be FINE. and tomorrow off. WOO! i had thought i got friday off, too, but i see they changed their minds about that.

boy, i love coffee. it hugs me and gives my brain little kisses, it does.

Sometimes your intentions
Are totally impossible to read
What does that mean?
Sometimes even I
Have no idea what I need
I wish I did.

I'm crazy
Why do I keep doing this?
Everything is fine.
Then you think I'm crazy
I do this all the time
Until I start to think
That something's really wrong

p.s. i'm also craving me some invader zim. must watch, soon. i had GIR quotes going through my head all day yesterday. "but i NEEED tacos! i need them, or i will EXPLODE! that happens to me, sometimes!"
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