Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

yay for days off. what shall i do with it? dunno yet. still armloads of stargate AND scrubs AND lost to watch on my computer. things that i need to get organized. things that desperately need cleaned. and why does my shirt smell like old ham? and why on earth have i been too lazy to go CHANGE the thing? maybe i secretly wish to smell like random pork products, in preparation for when i'm 85.

PERFECT weather out at the moment, chilly and overcast, threatening rain. i'm wearing my Christmas pants to celebrate. if i was really wanting to celebrate, i would toss on some toe socks, too.

and change this flipping shirt.

the roommates - HUSBAND AND WIFE! - are back from their honeymoon, getting in about a half hour before i woke up. i'm happy that things are going back to some semblance of normality again. all this excitement does weird things to the spleen, you know.


ooh, and i have tons of zim to watch, too, thanks for reminding me.

dreamed weird dreams, one where we were in our house and looking out the window at firefighters desperately trying to put flames out in the woods. i kept wanting to run, but my brother kept telling me that we should hang around and make sure that we need to leave. i watched the flames be put out completely, just to spark up yet again, and higher. i think they eventually put it out.

next dream, i was in a house where a bomb had gone off. there was another live bomb in there, and i kept yelling at everyone to get out, but people kept milling around, saying that there was no rush, that we should be out in plenty of time before the bomb went off. i couldn't find Bacci, which made me frantic. she didn't know any better, she's just a kitten! i need to find her to keep her safe! i heard the alarm clock ringing, and knew that at the third ring, it would explode, so i started screaming at everyone to get out, as i clutched botch close to me and jumped clear of the exploding building. as we were all sprawled on the lawn after the explosion, i kept screaming at everyone that how could they NOT take it seriously, now there are more people dead - i had already lost my mother, marge, as well as bart and lisa in the first explosion, what if i lost maggie, too? did you ever think of THAT?!? THEY'RE MY FAMILY!

there was another one, too, but i can't think of what it was off the top of my head. all of them took place in the deep woods, though.

what's everyone up to, today?
Tags: dreams, work

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