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Aug. 11th, 2005

andrea: there's coffee out there, but .. well.. it's kind of weird and strong.
aubrey: cool. that's how i like MAH MEN!
andrea: ... weird and strong?
aubrey: and CUHREAMAY!

boy, am i gonna miss living with her. seems like Moving Day is a LOT sooner than i thought, i.e. a change of roommates by the 1st. eek. granted, i don't have to do a THING, other than possibly help move some boxes, but still.

still have a kink in my neck/shoulder. yes, the same one from two weeks ago. argh.

had fun last night. well, IIII had fun. i love low key nights. frobear and brosely came over, and all of us (include andrea and joel in 'all') sat and sipped beer or rum and watched silly reality television and Lost. we had PLANNED on playing games, but sort of never got around to it. maybe saturday, instead.

we'll see.

i woke up in a TREMENDOUSLY good mood today for some reason. weirdo. YES, YOU. *whimper*

i've been reading my friends list a lot lately, but haven't always been commenting. i promise i've been mostly reading you, except when it comes to things like babies (i'm very happy for you all!) the little things weird me out. i think i'm allergic. but i still mostly read even those posts.

and why on earth did i just spell 'those' as 'thoughs'?

*frantically slurps more coffee*

really wish to get nickel creek's new album and listen to it frantically so that i can do a review on something OTHER than a greatest hits conglomeration or something that has been released 20 flipping years ago for FlavAZ. mmmm, mandolin.

hope to get to work with my OTHER favorite coworkers tonight that i haven't seen in forever, i.e. jessalyn and pattie. (i already got to work with gaykyle..) maybe they'll come to board game night, too.

secretly, i wish to get out all my old sailor moon recorded eps. it's been many a year since i've seen the cheesy things. (yes, i have the soundtrack on my computer. take THAT.) and i want an mstieathon. i'm craving me some boggy creek!


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Aug. 11th, 2005 06:25 pm (UTC)
i've been reading my friends list a lot lately, but haven't always been commenting. i promise i've been mostly reading you, except when it comes to things like babies (i'm very happy for you all!) the little things weird me out. i think i'm allergic. but i still mostly read even those posts.

You haven't missed anything but a lot of drama. (^_^)
Aug. 7th, 2006 05:55 am (UTC)
pssht. drama? on eljaye? NEVUR.
Aug. 11th, 2005 06:35 pm (UTC)
Nectar of the Gods
Coffee. Nectar of the Gods. The person who discovered the uses for the Coffee Bean should be made a saint.

Speaking of coffee, what's your schedule like for Friday and Saturday? Should I just drop by the store to visit?

Speaking of the store I called there yesterday for a stock check. *laughing*

*heads out to warp minds at the competition*
Aug. 7th, 2006 05:56 am (UTC)
Re: Nectar of the Gods
what is your schedule like, do you still work from 1 pm to close? maybe one of these days that i don't have school but do have band practice, i can take an extended layover at jentzen beach? i was thinking about how long we've known each other and have still only been to coffee that once.
Aug. 7th, 2006 06:01 am (UTC)
Re: Nectar of the Gods
My shcedule bounces right now. I'm covering a two week vacation. It's 2 pm to close for the rest of the week, with Wednesday and Friday off. You're always welcome there. Be prepared for a huge hug once I get out of the building though. *smiles*

I'm going to try to make it to your performance. I have doubts though. I may have to work that weekend to cover the previously mentioned vacation. *sighs*

I miss you. *hugs her*
Aug. 11th, 2005 06:40 pm (UTC)
and why on earth did i just spell 'those' as 'thoughs'?

My spelling is rubbing off on you :P *waves mojo stick around*


I am not going to admit that I watched sailor moon and noticed when they changed voices a few times etc etc. Nope, not going to say a word!
Aug. 7th, 2006 05:57 am (UTC)
hee hee good to know that i'm not the only geekturd ;)
Aug. 7th, 2006 04:17 pm (UTC)
Oh man I use to be so into that show! Its embarrsing, it use to be the highligh of my day. I'd automatically wake up and catch the show and if for some reason I wasn't at home, firdays use to be a marathon of what happend that week and I'd make sure I was caught up! Then again it was the right at the edge of my dark years so I guess in comparasion of that happend after that its noting much
Jan. 22nd, 2008 02:35 pm (UTC)
I was just thinking recently that I really miss that show and was considering pulling out all my old vhs's to watch them. Unfortunately, I didn't record the episodes all in a row, so they're jumbled as far as the story line goes, plus I think that one of the tapes have a ton of XMen on it.
Jan. 22nd, 2008 03:35 pm (UTC)
Have you checked watch it now to see if they have it?
Aug. 12th, 2005 01:49 am (UTC)
hahahaha omg i just love you icon. omg, it makes me want to run out and buy all the seasons of Mystery Science Theater right now...if only they weren't like 50 dollars a piece. DAMN...maybe for christmas.

anyway, i love sailor moon. she kicks ass in a very cheesy and sparkly way. :)
Aug. 12th, 2005 01:51 am (UTC)
OKay I didn't read this entry yet, I just got stopped dead by your icon. So, let me get this straight, you're a female that watches Invader Zim AND Mystery Science Theater 3000?
How in the 'ell are you not married yet? :D
Aug. 13th, 2005 01:41 am (UTC)
sailer moon was like the weirdest cartoon ever. and i watch anime.. but that cartoon was weird
Aug. 19th, 2005 12:33 pm (UTC)
hee hee hee, I wanna hang out with you two! Weirdnstrong....

I miss your comments. *pout*
Aug. 19th, 2005 05:54 pm (UTC)
that's why you should come visit someday! well, not that we'll be living together anymore *sniffle* gaw, i'm gonna miss that.

catching up on commenting today (i woke up in SUCH a belenen mood today... craving me some bel! i feel like i want to tell you the WORLD today...). i can't tell you how happy it makes me to wake up in the morning and see a ton of your replies in my inbox :) i see you're working from back to front in the journal, i can't wait to see what you think of my 'irresistable in every way' post. *giggle*

and i found a picture and turned it into an icon, should you ever, uh.. wanna replace the purple one you have of me ;)

i hope to take more pictures of me soon, since my hair is finally getting longer again.
Sep. 9th, 2005 02:49 pm (UTC)
Well, if you give me the original of that one I might use it! But I have to make it a square and sharpen it and all that good stuff. ;-)
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