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dispossessed hearts me. he hearts me so much that he came over on a whim last night and formatted my hard drive, making things move OH so much faster.


to give you an idea of how much junk i had accumulated... well, let me back up the story a bit. i have 2 hard drives: my original 8 gig hard drive, and my newer, shinier 120 gig hard drive. (which i never thought i would fill, but which i have only 6 gigs left on now. PANIC!). i run windows xp on my 8 gig and save EVERYTHING to my 120. i was running with 1 gig left on my 8 gig, and now i have... ALMOST SIX! *dies a happy little smurf* graaaanted, there's no.. well... there's no SOUND. but drew assures me that he shall get this fixed soonly. in the meantime, i shall have vh1 on in the background as i get ready for work today, instead of playing my mp3 player. it's nice to know what the hooligans are listening to these days.

or do hooligans listen to mtv? *cocks head*

either way, gwen stefani is on my tv, and i wish she would GO HOME. maybe i'll tell you a story as to why i can't stand that woman one day.

plans for today? working until 2 pm... then....? secret_ninja shall be figuring into the picture somewhere this evening, but what to do UNTIL then? yes, yes, bathing would be supurb. i shall try that.

in the meantime, here's the answers to your questions. seriously, that was a sad turnout. i know you can do better. ASK ME THINGS!!!

rampantchaos78 - secretly? actually, i'm generally quite verbal about it. i moved from phoenix to get AWAY from the things. there are so many more important things in life than spending a year each day on makeup and looking 'cute'. like cheese.

vortex - not as good as it used to be, unfortunately. i credit this to not having a car to sing a the top of my lungs in at all times. yes. i WAS the type of person you would make fun of at stop lights.

prosperouscheat - that's a hard one! i love so many of you so very much. right now, though she hasn't been updating lately, i would say belenen... i've become so much more of a spiritual being and more in tune with my emotions since meeting her. we 'get' each other, a lot of the time without having to even say a word. and because i credit them as being my wondertwins, i toss alariya into the mix, too. no matter what happens, she's a positive force in my life, always there to remind me that yes, i'm special, and to help hold me up when i'm stumbling. i love my girls.

soulresilience - well, i figured the daily commute would kill you. i mean... LOOK at the gas prices! unless, of course, we get that transporter working...

dolmadez - Ann. yes, i AM the epitome of exotic! actually, i came THISCLOSE to having my first name be Skye and my middle name be Aubrey. so i would have been Skye Aubrey Keating. but mom chickened out the last moment and named me Aubrey Ann, instead.

dreamrot - hrm. i would like to say tofu, but only if i could bring in all the stuff that i normally use to cook with it, i.e. peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, etc., and if i could be able to prepare it differently each time, so as to not want to gag myself with a plastic fork after eating it for so long. does that work for an answer?

jenniffer - hee hee, this sounds like a question from The Dating Game - you just need to toss in 'and how would you eat me?' i would say... hrm. maybe white cake? with a secret, delicious filling in between two layers, because there's stuff to me you don't always expect. but it couldn't be a GROSS filling, like something fruity, because i would LIKE to think that i'm not an aquired taste, and i know a lot of people don't like fruity fillings. ooh ooh - CHEESECAKE! that's me. *nod*

eternallynumb - my friend peyton came up with it during a drunken binge, taken from my first name, Aubrey, of course. it was a time in my life where everyone on EARTH wanted to come up with their own version of my name, i.e. The Aubernator, Aubasaurus, Aubbers, etc. i was working at a law firm at the time as a receptionist, and came out to my car for something and saw "HELLO, AUBKABOB! HEART, PEYTON" written in dust on my back window. no clue as to how long it was there before i noticed. the name kinda stuck.

ornotmajestic - pfft. who HAVEN'T i been? tuxedo mask/darien... vincent valentine.. squall... *fans self*

pollytrance - due to my low carby diet, not as much as i used to, though i actually COOK with the stuff a LOT. weird. i really miss salsa being such a common commodity as it was there, though i believe it's more economical here. weirdness. GOOD MEMORY! i had even forgotten my salsa fetish.

lordrexfear - i don't even remember what 'on' is, let alone how to go about 'getting it'.

and that's all for now, folks. i would comment on the comments and cartoon characters (seems like most of you are of the same frame of mind - HOLY CRAP, THEY'RE PLAYING NICKEL CREEK ON VH1!!! *dies happy* - in what cartoon character you think i am... though part of me wants to respond to one that a lot of people have said by going "you think i'm ... defective?" to which you would reply, of course, "you're not stupid, you're ADVAAAANCED.")

where can a dead man go..

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