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because i was tagged by my dearest pollytrance:

List three random facts about yourself that your friends might not know. And then tag five other friends to do it.

1. i sniff glasses. whenever i pull a new glass from the cupboard, i always have to sniff it before putting anything into it.

2. i do not eat bread or sugar, or things related to either. (though a lot of you may know this.. so maybe i'll come up with a 4th one just because of that.)

3. my ULTIMATE dream for when i grow up is not to be a rockstar, but to do voiceovers for cartoons.

4. when listening to music, about half the time, i'll try to envision how i would make a video for it. the different camera angles, how the band would be pictured, where it would take place.

okay, and i suck at tagging, so um... lessee...


aaaah, another plague-ridden day...
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