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egads, something tells me that i need to go back to bed and start the day completley over. i'm in a funk. an angry funk, and i can't even really put my finger on WHY.

the fact that i got called into work 2 hours early probably doesn't help. but i had seriously no REAL reason why i couldn't go in at 1 instead of 3 to help them out, so i agreed. besides, it's been awhile since i've worked with roxana, and i miss her. what's a 9 hour shift, anyway? though i'm sure that if she's calling me at 10, that she won't be closing. probably with Ricky, then, since Steve is on vaca.


weird dreams where Matthew Good became my roommate, roommates with benefits. interesting, as i've never thought of Matthew Good in THAT sense. but i remember him wanting to kiss me, and i was too busy worrying about clearing the yellow shopping carts out of the wal*mart parking lot and making sure that the one with the scrapbooking stuff that Mary needed me to do didn't get mixed in with the other officemax carts. i remember being angry at having to do the scrapbooking stuff, as i am SO not a booker, but because i PROMISED...

huh, never knew Matthew Good was such a.. political and human rights guy. learn something new every day.

today is the kind of day where i would LOVE to just stay in my perjammas (well, in this case, "pajamas" are a tank top and my long brown skirt. it makes me feel... wholesome and hippy like.) and loll on my bed and read or go through old video tapes or something. i SO don't feel like working officemax into the mix.


change is on the horizon. massive change. roommates will be leaving in a couple of weeks, and i will be dealing with living with my brother for the first time in .. well, a very very long time. i just hope that we get along MUCH better in a giant apartment vs the couple of times we lived together in close quarters.

so much change.

funny that i hate monotony to DEATH, but fear change. silly how that works.

i also think i need to take a step back from drinking for awhile, and start to do non drinky things again: movies. random escapades. used book store perusing. i want to experience life again, and not through a drunken haze, which is how it seems like i experience ANYTHING anymore. so feel free to call and say "hey, aubrey! how bout we... *fillintheblankwithsomethingthatdoesn'tcostmoneybutisrandomandinteresting*!!!"

this isn't to say i'll give up Mojo's on sundays, of course. well, depending upon how the new kj works out.

don't. wanna. work.
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