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i felt like i woke up in the twighlight zone of happiness today.

- first, i woke up feeling like my eyelids were glued shut. dangit, i so forgot to take my eye makeup off last night. RAWK.
- i open up the door and Bacci is standing there, giving me a little "meowp!" in greeting, rubbing against my ankles, and racing off to eat (ever since the exact day we got her, for some reason, being around me makes her want to eat.) i love it when she greets me in the morning.
- i stand on the scale. 188. oh, that's nice. ......waaaaitaminute. ONE EIGHTY EIGHT? um.. maybe it's broken or being charitable, i'm not THAT light. i stand off the scale and let it turn off, then climb aboard again. 188. oookay. that makes it.. 10 lbs dropped since last wednesday? i don't believe it, but sure, i'll take it. (it also makes me 2 lbs less than what it says on my drivers license, and 39 lbs dropped since april. woot.)
- i come downstairs, and am headed to the kitchen, hoping to get a cup of coffee in before i have to leave. i'm almost there, when the house phone rings. i answer, and it's Manager Rick "HELLOOOO! is aubrey there, by chance?" "this is her." "heeeeeeeey, this is OFFICEMAX! this is RICKY!" "heh heh, hey, Rick." "I was wondering if you would be.. i dunno.. heading out anywhere today?" "welp, i'm not sure... i AM going to be going into officemax around 10 am." "ha ha ha, are you now?" "yeah, roxana talked me into it. 10 to 4." "well, that's just SUPER! well, i'll tell you what, i'll have someone, say.. muriel.. come and pick you up around 945, since it's raining, and we can buy you breakfast, as well!" "well, rain never hurt anyone, i don't mind getting a little wet." "NONSENSE! i'll have muriel call you and get directions."
- after hanging up and getting coffee, it is thee best tasting cup of coffee i've had in a long time.

i'm not on a great mood, mind you. if anything, i'm a little wary. i feel... lol weirded out, i spose.

now, to sit and drink my coffee and watch season 2, episode 1 of stargate. need to get me some daniel jackson ON before work. just need it, unkay? i hear he dies in this episode.... ;)

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